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  • If you borrow something from someone, be it books, clothes, or money, please give it back to that person as soon as possible. Don't make them ask and even if they don't remember, it doesn't mean that you have to keep your mouth shut and pretend that you don't too.
  • Be educated.
  • There's no problem of being single. Don't fall in love just because you're lonely and you think that you need someone to fill in the vacancy in your heart. Fall in love when you have finally found the right one. Fall in love when you're ready to have commitments.
  • Trust no one, even the closest ones around you.
  • Appreciate everything that you have now before they become something that you had. Thank people around you for carrying your books, thank them for lending you a charger when your phone's running out of battery, thank them for helping you memorize everything before you get into the exam hall.
  • Smile more. You might make someone's day just by giving them a smile.
  • Have fun with your family and friends. We never know what the future holds, so do as many things as you could together when you still have the chance. Have dinner together. Watch the TV together. Sing together.
  • Keep your circle small. It's way better to have 3 friends who are always there for you at 3 pm when you're happy and 3 am when you're lonely rather than having lots of friends who laugh with you and then disappear in your darkest days.
  • Don't play with your phone too much. Twitter and Instagram can wait, spend time with people around you first.
  • Dress well. Put on some makeup.