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  • If you borrow something from someone, be it books, clothes, or money (especially money), please give it back to that person as soon as possible. Don't make him/her ask and even if he/she doesn't remember, it doesn't mean that you have to keep your mouth shut and pretend that you don't too.
  • Beauty fades, intelligence doesn't. Be educated.
  • There's no problem of being single. Don't fall in love too easily just because you're lonely and you think you need someone to fill in the vacancy in your heart. Fall in love when you have finally found the right one.
  • Trust no one, even the closest ones around you.
  • Appreciate everything that you have now before they become something that you had. Thank people around you for carrying your books, thank them for lending you a charger when your phone's running out of battery, thank them for helping you memorize everything before you get into the exam hall. Thank them.
  • Smile more. You're prettier when you smile.
  • Have fun with your family and friends. We never know what the future holds, so do everything that you could together when you still have the chance. Have dinner together. Watch the TV together. Sing together.
  • Keep your circle small. It's way better to have 3 friends who are always there for you at 3 pm when you're happy and 3 am when you're lonely rather than having lots of friends who laugh with you and disappear in your darkest days.
  • Don't play with your phone too much. Twitter and Instagram can wait, spend time with people around you first.
  • Dress well. Put on some makeup. Trust me, it boosts your self-esteem and no girl is prettier if you're confident and ecstatically elated.

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I've been looking forward for this semester break since the first day of college, and in 9 days, I'll be finally free from all these law stuff. Hehe. Not absolutely free though, I still have one more semester in foundation of law. Four papers down, three to go. I think I'm doing well so far, insyaallah. All those three papers are killer subjects and I AM dying so here I am now, writing this post because I need a break for a while after reading Law 016.

Update: I took Law 016 paper yesterday and I've tried doing my very best to remember everything that I've learned and just write everything that I could on that paper. I think I did pretty well. Goodbye for now, Federal Constitution.
So, I have planned the things that I want to do during this semester break. Um well actually I always do this kind of stuff, where I plan everything that I want to do like clearing my wardrobe and giving my room a new makeover during a long holiday but they usually didn't work out like the way I planned. But this time, I'll try to make it work. 

I wanna do those two things I've mentioned because for the former, I have this obsession of clothes but I'm always broke so I think I'm going to let go my unwanted clothes and use that money to buy new ones. I hate wearing the same clothes over and over again even though some people always tell me 'it's not like you don't have a washing machine to not repeat wearing your clothes'. Furthermore, I've gained weight and I can't fit my skinny jeans anymore so lately I always wear culottes and those loose pants or whatever you call them, and I am OBSESSED.

Also on semester break later, I'll have to learn how to cook as mama is going to stay in the hospital for operation. I need to do the laundry, which I hate the most, as well as to send and fetch adik from school (I like this job because I love driving :p)

I cannot wait to see whether the Ellie I imagine would be like does the stuffs she said she wanted to do or not. I will update!

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Fuck fuck fuck. Flying fuckity fuck. One week left before final examination? THIS IS CRAZY.

Time flies so fast when you are with someone that you love the most, or when you're having fun, they said. But for me, and perhaps for all law students out there too, I've been busy with my studies and assignments until I barely have the time to rest. While people out there are having a nice sleep since it's weekend but here I am, in front of my laptop, studying while eating alone. :')

I still remember the first day I got into here. 'Wow the place here is so nice, look at those walls, I can take OOTD pictures every single day' (which I didn't because I'm always selekeh to class), and 'the food here is so good!' (indeed, I have to appreciate every single food here before I leave and for the price, AMAZING). All of my lecturers are really really nice I'm telling you. Even though I was sad at first because all of them are girls (cannot usha), I'm lucky. To be having them teaching me for this semester.

During ELC091 class last week, each and every one of us had to write a thank you note dedicated to one person in our class that has helped us throughout the semester. So, it means that one person might get one, or even more than one notes and there also might be some who wouldn't get any at all. I couldn't even choose to whom I was gonna give because there's a lot. It was hard. If I could give it to more than one person, I would. But Ma'am Hani said, if she asked us to write to as many as we want, we wouldn't write wholeheartedly. It's true anyhow. So, I chose Hannah. I was already mentally prepared if I didn't get any note but it turned out that... I got 3. All from my main girls.

I was so touched, happy, you name it. I didn't expect that there will be people choosing me as the person who has helped them throughout the semester. In those notes, there were the littlest things about me that I didn't even notice before like 'thanks for always helping me, for those lecturer notes, for always replying to my nonsense questions on WhatsApp'. And those things, made me happy.

A night before that, we played Secret Santa. It was hella funny because all of us girls of L6 didn't wanna get a boy as our Secret Santa just because we saw their stories on Instagram that they went to a mini mart HAHAHA. I bought a virtual reality headset from Typo for Aqmal, since he loves (LOVES) playing games. Well I got a cute baby pink and blue bottle from Typo and the #88 Love Life book from Farah! I love the fact that I got 2 presents from her hehehe even though she lied to me days before that (she asked me on WhatsApp what to get for Soffiya and I actually gave her ideas!)

The last day of semester 1 before our final examination, we had a little picnic with our ELC080 lecturer in class. There were cute mini pavlovas (too bad I don't eat fruits), delicious cream puffs (I ate a lot) and pizzas. The boys became very very hyper than they usually are. Or they were  high, I might say. We laughed, danced, sang. God, I'm so gonna miss these people and I hope we're gonna stay that way. Hands down, the best classmates ever.

p/s; please pray for my final examination because I'm so so scared. I hope that I don't fail any subject this semester. 

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I haven't written for so long. I used to write a lot, since I was 11, and I guess I have ran out of ideas now. Though then I only wrote about random stuffs like school, friends, crush, and heartbreaks that I've went through (they're so funny and embarassing), but still, I always had things to be shared on this blog. I admit that I still have the passion to write but it's just that I don't know what to talk about and I'm a bit busy lately with college and assignments. What's worse is I'll be facing finals in just a month.

And today, I decide to start blogging again. This is like the hundredth time I've told you this and a month later I would delete all of my old posts again but I promise this is gonna be the last time. Fingers crossed. Slap me if I do that again okay. No, seriously. I miss blogging so much. It's actually really nice to have a diary, no one knows the content, just you and yourself but since I'm too lazy to write, I type. It's totally different here as everyone can read but I'm just fine with it, as long as none of my family members and friends knows this blog exists. Sometimes I regret deleting my old posts. Should have kept them for memories that my future self would thank me but never mind, here's to a new beginning.

It's crazy how fast time flies. Yesterday, it's like the first day of senior year in high school and suddenly, just in a jiffy, boom. You're in college. I love every single thing about my college and luckily there's no toxic people in my house and class except for this one girl that I don't like, specifically hate but that's fine, we have less than 1 year to see each others' faces. I'm always annoyed at her even just by looking at her face. Hearing her breathe gives me cancer. I have never hated someone like this and congrats girl for being the first.

If you're wondering, I'm doing foundation in law now. So, I want to get the best results that I could possibly achieve. I need to, in order to pursue my degree in law too or else I'll have to change my course. Which is a no. I'm gonna work my ass off and make sure it's worth it. I wanna at least once make my parents proud of me. I love you so much, both of you, mama and papa. Keep giving me strength so we will be standing next to each other, holding hands, on the other side of the world.