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I haven't written for so long. I used to write a lot, since I was 11, and I guess I have ran out of ideas now. Though then I only wrote about random stuffs like school, friends, crush, and heartbreaks that I've went through (they're so funny and embarassing), but still, I always had things to be shared on this blog. I admit that I still have the passion to write but it's just that I don't know what to talk about and I'm a bit busy lately with college and assignments. What's worse is I'll be facing finals in just a month.

And today, I decide to start blogging again. This is like the hundredth time I've told you this and a month later I would delete all of my old posts again but I promise this is gonna be the last time. Fingers crossed. Slap me if I do that again okay. No, seriously. I miss blogging so much. It's actually really nice to have a diary, no one knows the content, just you and yourself but since I'm too lazy to write, I type. It's totally different here as everyone can read but I'm just fine with it, as long as none of my family members and friends knows this blog exists. Sometimes I regret deleting my old posts. Should have kept them for memories that my future self would thank me but never mind, here's to a new beginning.

It's crazy how fast time flies. Yesterday, it's like the first day of senior year in high school and suddenly, just in a jiffy, boom. You're in college. I love every single thing about my college and luckily there's no toxic people in my house and class except for this one girl that I don't like, specifically hate but that's fine, we have less than 1 year to see each others' faces. I'm always annoyed at her even just by looking at her face. Hearing her breathe gives me cancer. I have never hated someone like this and congrats girl for being the first.

If you're wondering, I'm doing foundation in law now. So, I want to get the best results that I could possibly achieve. I need to, in order to pursue my degree in law too or else I'll have to change my course. Which is a no. I'm gonna work my ass off and make sure it's worth it. I wanna at least once make my parents proud of me. I love you so much, both of you, mama and papa. Keep giving me strength so we will be standing next to each other, holding hands, on the other side of the world.